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Mejia House

  • Project Type: Hotel
  • Opportunity: Luxury Boutique Hotel
  • Province: Pichincha
  • Project description
  • Concept

    Whether the existing architectural heritage for a hotel able to accommodate 35 rooms. Listed as a Heritage Building. Catalogued as a "Courtyard House". Twentieth Century.


    Pichincha Province - Quito City. Historical Downtown. Mejia Street, between Venezuela and Guayaquil. - 100 m. north-east of the Plaza Grande. - 50 m. west of the Plaza "Huerto de San Agustín".

  • Tourism Potential
  • Objectives segments

    National and international tourists focused on cultural and architectural heritage tourism with high quality standards.

  • Investment Needed
  • Estimated investment needs

    Investment needed to adapt existing facilities to luxury boutique hotel. Renovation of a building that is listed as a heritage property of the city architecture (area: ground: 1.144 m2 – construction: 2.907 m2). The value of the property is $ 1'719,000 USD.

    Emergency Temporary Investment

    It is evident from the lack of supply, the current need to have a first class accommodation and luxury in the historic downtown, which it is the largest and best preserved in Latin America and a World Heritage Site.

    Investment Profile Wanted

    Financial investor with knowledge of the hotel business to present a model of optimal management and related to the potential of a capital asset located in the heart of the Historical Downtown area.

  • Business model
  • Agreed Draft Model for Property

    The state will retain ownership of the building plot, investor and public company will establish a public - private partnership – partnership. The investor will keep the agreement until full recovery of flows of the project, after which the investor may continue or return the investment to the State.

    Suitable Preliminary Management Model

    Subject to negotiation.

  • Identifying Strengths
  • Strengths Investments

    Prime location in the Historical Downtown, area with permanent housing demand for the high number of tourists – Development of comprehensive plans for urban improvement in the sector – Variety of tourist attractions concentrated in the immediate vicinity of the property.

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